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Jorge Corona


Fairfield, California




San Francisco Bay Area, California


BS Mechanical Engineering, Minor Visual Communication


Social Dancing, Traveling, Design

About me

I am a Mechanical Engineer by training and a designer by choice. My expertise is in computers and automation—to increase task efficiency. My goal for each project is to save time by automating repetitive tasks and make the final paper/report/presentation aesthetically pleasing. I have been in the IT industry for the past several years doing consulting work for clients and it is only now that I am combining my IT background with my engineering training and visual design skills.

You must observe how users interact with a giving task to create a good user experience.

My Skills

I am a problem solver and a timesaving aficionado with an interest in good user experience and design. I have knowledge in cross platforms (Windows, Linux, Apple, Android, and iOS) and know several programming languages (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Bash/Scripting, QT, Objective-C, and VBA). I use my skill set to solve problems in any means necessary to save time using the most appropriate technologies. On top of solving problems I go the extra mile and provide a great user experience to the user and bring great design with each project. I have done many projects in Microsoft Access, Web applications, and iOS native applications.

I have many years experience in the IT industry. I maintain several servers, virtual servers, and several complex systems. I have extensive experience in CISCO CCA/VPN/VOIP and maintain several Windows Servers and Security policies. Additionally I take great pride in providing excellent technical support and documentation.

Microsoft Access





Photoshop / Illustrator


Windows Server

Technical Support

curriculum vitae


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Minor Visual Communication

San Francisco State University (SFSU)
December 2009

During my stay at SFSU, I enjoyed two passions: engineering and design. Although both are opposite of each other I found how to find good design in engineering.

Work Experience

Project Engineer / IT

kW Engineering, Oakland

6.5 Years

April 2009 - Present

I play multiple roles at kW Engineering. My first priority is to maintain all the IT needs and provide great technical support. My second priority is to work on projects that result in savings of time and enhances user experiences. The list of task and accomplishments is overwhelming, but I take great pride in them all. Please see my LinkedIn Profile for a detailed list.

QA Internship


1 Year

June 2007 - June 2008

During my stay at Autodesk I learned a new passion: automation redundent tasks.I created excel macros,found bugs, and created sql queries, along with working with developers to verify fixes.

LinkedIn Profile

Mobile Portfolio

Here are some examples of my mobile work I have done over the years. My latest project is Metro BART for iOS.

Portfolio 1
Metro BART - iOS


Simple, beautiful, and smart BART transit app that shows station weather and train information, such as the trip cost, time of travel, and train load capacity. Video Demo   Visit Site

Portfolio 2
Next Bart - QT (Blackberry)


Convenient on-the-go BART* app for daily commuters. Get live BART departure times from your nearest station by pressing the "Next BART" button. Video Demo

Portfolio 3
POP Flix - QT (Nokia N9)


Convenient on-the-go movie app for movie reviews, trailers, and showtimes. Video Demo


Send me a message and tell me about your ideas and projects you wish to collaborate on. I’m a hard sell, so tell me how I would compliment your project.